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Infringement of copyrights Needlework Designers

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Infringement of copyrights Needlework Designers Empty Infringement of copyrights Needlework Designers

Сообщение автор Admin Ср 26 Ноя 2008, 01:34

Today I have received such letter:
Dear Madam,

This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Needlework industry. We have recently been informed that you have been blatantly infringing copyrighted designs from many designers & companies in the needlework industry.
Your actions bring the host sites on to which you post charts into disrepute & cause hours of work for the host sites.
For the designers themselves, you are responsible for incalculable loss of earnings.
For example, one chart uploaded or e-mailed to contacts at a retail value of $10 which has been downloaded from your album(s) 100 times equals a loss of $1,000 earnings to the designer, it's publisher & distributors; this multiplied by the number of charts you have uploaded to your albums equates to the sum which could be claimed in a court of law from you.
Your actions also put the host sites into a situation whereby they could be liable to prosecution.
As we are sure you are well aware, under international laws, it is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute or in any form publish copyrighted designs unless you have authorisation directly from the company / designer.
Links for your reference :
Whilst we are very happy to hear that needlework enthusiasts appreciate our designs & their craft, it causes designers untold upset & disgust to find people who blatantly infringe copyright in the manner you have been doing. Some designers have even stopped designing as they have been so morally affected by this type of behaviour.
We request that you remove all charts that you have uploaded to internet, that you close blogs/sites that you have created showing illegally posted charts & that you desist from further illegal activities in the above manner.
Please take into consideration that legal action could be taken against you but that we appreciate your love of craft & would not want to diminish your pleasure in your craft so are therefore being lenient in allowing you the possibility to voluntarily remove your illegal files from internet.
It is perfectly possible for honest Needlework enthusiasts to happily interact with others in online groups without infringing copyrights & whilst sharing their love of craft in a friendly, respectful & equitable manner.
You will consider this a cease and desist notice. Please understand that this letter is not a warning or threat. It is being sent to you as part of a legal process that must be followed in an effort to maintain our legal rights.
Authorised copyright agents for Needlework designers/companies

If you spread references to this design with coordinates of our forum, please, remove them from yours блогов. We do not want wide popularity. The circle of people which learn us from friends suffices us. Also come to us on рекомедациям friends.

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